It's A "Rumble in the 6ix" With The HMLT Boys

It’s A “Rumble in the 6ix” With The HMLT Boys

Following the “buu” EP release, the HMLT boys (Corey and Taylor Wong) spent the summer working on another EP. Rumble in the 6ix is a three-track project that challenges the concept of the Asian model minority with hopes of empowering other Asians who strive to make an impact on North American art and culture.

The brothers kick things off with the irresistible “Roses & Cigarettes” which fuses a little Chance the Rapper and a little Outkast with an oh so smooth HMLT twist. Vivid chords pop and colour the velvet-drenched space with the fragrant elixir of cocoa. On the dancefloor-ready “Mary”, the boys crank the funk with vibrant keys and synths that slice the groovy backdrop. Finale “nofx” is anything but the punk band, nofx, and finds them displaying their versatility as they flip the vibe into bounce-hop with heavy hitting percussion and a melodious warble of elements as they loudly and confidently proclaim, “I don’t need your opinions/ Don’t care about what you say/ I do what I wanna do/ I don’t really give a fuck about you.” Preach.

The brothers also give a nod to their inspirational father, Hamlet Wong, with an essay that provides the complete backstory to their name as well as highlighting the importance of Asian representation. Read it all here.

Rumble in the 6ix is also available on Spotify and can be purchased through Bandcamp.

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