Wilder Maker Jam Out On A Houseboat In Only Child

Wilder Maker Jam Out On A Houseboat In “Only Child”

Wilder Maker is a Brooklyn-based outfit comprised of Gabriel Birnbaum, Katie Von Schleicher, Sean Mullins, and Nick Jost. Following the release of their debut 2015 EP trilogy, Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire, they’ve returned with one of two new singles, Only Child.

Released through Saddle Creek as part of their Document series that introduces new work from innovative bands around the country, Only Child features Schleicher’s smokey vocals against the folkiness of Birnbaum’s and the colourful landscape of your youth. In the accompanying video, the band airbnb’d a houseboat and dressed up in their finest. Watch below as they jam out in the Matt Strickland directed video.

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