Kaixen Gets Introspective With "Diet"

Kaixen Gets Introspective With “Diet”

No stranger to ohestee, we premiered To Be In Love & Terrified by Kaixen, who also saw a spot on our favourite albums of last year. Diet is the highly anticipated follow up with Kaixen’s growth on full display.

Experimenting with different sounds, Kaixen has taken a darker turn while retaining that R&B sensibility and the high emotions from Sympathy Symphony. Silk Matthews gets on the opener with glitchy pops through the spaces between his vocals, adding something a little different to the project. The lighthearted How Did We? is playful with a sax laid down by Vouixx, and the bumping Aaliyah sampled What You Want puts Kaixen’s experimentation in your face with its warped and swelling below ground rumble.

The echoed vocal loops from back to front and emotive pulsating drums keep you on a wave of self reflection and discovery. No thought is left unscrutinized through this journey, and despite any negative feelings that Diet may stir in you, you’ll be hitting replay for days just to experience further introspection.

Stream Diet below or through bandcamp where it’s also available as a free download.