Premiere: KAIXEN Brings Us “To Be In Love & Terrified”

Miami’s KAIXEN was last seen on here with the release of one of our favourites of last year, Sympathy Symphony. Today we’ve got the second release off his forthcoming diet ep titled To Be In Love & Terrified. 

Moving away from the r&b inspired Sympathy Symphony and Sippy, KAIXEN has taken a new direction with his production by delving into darker instrumentals. Echoed vocals pulse throughout To Be In Love & Terrified as it continues where I Just Wanted To Know left off, by amplifying the uncertainty that many of us feel when you reach this milestone. Whether it’s about the other person, or more likely yourself, the apprehension is natural but not all make it past these feelings. We’ll find out if KAIXEN did when he releases the next four songs to complete the diet ep, later this year.