Sophie Meiers Shares Solo Project Accidental Poetry

Sophie Meiers Shares Solo Project “Accidental Poetry”

The gentle strum of a ukulele and sweet vocals are about as stripped back as you can go. For Sophie Meiers’ solo project, Little Bug, she steps away from singing on other producers singles for the beautiful Accidental Poetry.

I made a promise to myself that I would never fall/ But you ran into me like a fucking brick wall

These five songs meld from one to the next without interruption. Meiers sings of the confusion, insecurity, and the bug in your stomach around a new flame. With her standout charming vocals and its sweet embrace of smoke, her lyrics are down to earth and innocent. They are real and honest and easy to relate to with a poignant touch that conjures nostalgic images of easier care free days before social media and cellphones, and the anxiety and stress these cause.

Both heartwarming and sad, Accidental Poetry is what you need right now.