One Man Dancing Releases Engrossing "Blank Page"

One Man Dancing Releases Engrossing “Blank Page”

Before the cold dead of winter arrives, get acquainted with One Man Dancing (Agus Samur) and his debut single, Blank Page.

And I swear for our love/ I swear I’m gonna change my life/ to start on a blank page/ for all of my mistakes, I beg you, forgive me/ Let my life start on a blank page

We all have those memories of times where we fucked up and wish we could be forgiven and begin a blank page. Whether it was several years ago or two months ago, One Man Dancing will conjure those memories and feelings with this folk rock dance anthem, but not before gripping you with an emotive acoustic intro and that soft sincere voice of his. When he picks up the pace, it’s impossible not to be captivated by the feel good melody and his promise of changing his life and getting his shit straight in order to save their love. For without it, this will be the deadest winter of all. Unfortunately, it may be too late to return to the beauty that you once had. And as the song closes out, he gnarls out about the darkness, sending you chills amongst the flurry of warm instruments. I would pay a lot just to see this song performed live over and over and over.

Expect to hear more from One Man Dancing as he leads up to his debut album, Memories of a New Home, due in January.