New York's Broken Luxury Share Enthralling "Come Back"

New York’s Broken Luxury Share Enthralling “Come Back”

Joshua Reynolds and Zach Golden are the Queens New York based duo behind Broken Luxury. What began in Boston several years ago has lead to the transcendental Come Back featuring Jessi Lee.

Come Back is a mesmerizing anthem about an obvious subject matter we’re all familiar with. It’s minimal with an arousing drum pattern and a delicate wave that hypnotizes you before the rich and tender vocals begin. “It’s tearing me up/ I’m up all night missing you now/ I need you here baby it’s us/ Hoping for another way to show you love now,” pleads a sincere Reynolds in that soulful voice that just makes everything in its presence melt, along with an emphatic bass that pushes and pulls, like a torrent of emotions from the memories that invade every thought from dusk to dawn. Day to night. Week to week. Month to month. As if the boys couldn’t make this any better, brass is introduced, whisking you to a dim smoky jazz bar, and closes with a heartbreaking breakdown amidst a thick haze of dull grey and somber blue memories that flicker with each movement. These days may be cold and lonesome, but compelling and emotional music like Broken Luxury makes it easier. I miss you, Pinky. Come back.

Broken Luxury’s forthcoming project, Énouement, is highly anticipated and out hopefully sooner than later.