Arlo Releases Personal And Explosive Homecoming

Arlo Releases Personal And Explosive “Homecoming”

Coming out of 2017 with a string of successful singles, London crooner Arlo beings 2018 with another anthemic and polished single by the title of Homecoming. With an expansive alt-pop backdrop, it gradually builds and builds until it explodes from beneath your feet to heavenward with heart and soul, thunderous and resplendent. Speaking on the single, Arlo says:

“Homecoming is an admission in its purest form. It’s me admitting the truth to myself and promising myself to get better. It’s me saying come home, we love you, we won’t judge you. No one will ever love you more than your family and friends. So why not surround yourself around (sic) them. “

Arlo makes his live headline debut at the already sold out London show at The Waiting Room on March 28th, and is set to announce a number of live dates in the near future.

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