Sophie Coran Spins In "Circles" In The Deep End

Sophie Coran Spins In “Circles” In The Deep End

Ahead of her forthcoming project, Philadelphia-based Sophie Coran just dropped the fourth single titled Circles.

Backed by her full band, Circles captures Coran drifting lost and alone in the deep end. It’s a cinematic blend of jazz, R&B, and soul with layered harmonies, lush strings arranged by Coran herself, and droplets of chimes that she collected from the Tuileries Garden in Paris.

On the single, Coran says:

“I love using the metaphor of water in my songs, playing on the idea of swimming in circles, trying to navigate a relationship and realizing there may be no solution. It’s somewhat of a tragic love song. We wanted to create a huge string section harking back to film scores of the 1950’s and 60’s and in keeping with the Noir & B sound, to be very cinematic and nostalgic, whilst remaining current.”

Last year, Sophie Coran began releasing singles (‘Permission, ‘Duller Star’, and ‘Saltwater’) from her upcoming project and will continue to release new music throughout the year. She’s currently working with Michael Cumming on this project alongside her band including Logan Roth (keys), Arjun Dube (drums), and Mike Morrongiello (bass).