LEØ Releases Devastating New Single Ghost

LEØ Releases Devastating New Single “Ghost”

Following their exploration into a new sound with their last single, Us, LEØ returns with the devastating and reflective Ghost.

What can I say, what can I do/ I’m so afraid of giving up, giving into you/ Again and again/ You always take over/ Each time you leave you come back to me/ Begging for forgiveness with a fake apology

Chloe Pilkington’s crystalline vocals are center stage once more as she conjures a vivid image that pulses with stained intimacy. The raw emotive beat is glacial with a naked subtlety that streams and crumbles while building towards a collapse of emotions, transplanting you into a cove where you witness a tumultuous and tragic relationship steeped in exploitation.

For this single, the group explained. “‘Ghost’ draws emotion from two points of views, grasping your attention from whatever way you look at it. ‘Ghost’ was the last track recorded for our debut EP and from an instrumental point of view it’s quite subtle when played or compared to the other tracks. We really allowed the vocals and the story to be quite present and focal.”