Premiere: HMLT – Mi Casa Es Su Casa EP

A few months ago, Toronto producer/guitarist HMLT followed up his After Earth EP by sitting down with us for an interview and making us a bounce filled mix. Both of which you can check out right here. As he mentioned, he had a couple remix EP’s in the works and the first one is now available. Mi Casa Es Su Casa is a satisfying few tracks from artists around the world with HMLT’s house touch. It’s also available as a free download.

Opener Tulliae gets the guitar driven treatment with a pulsating drum, making her sound like she’s pleading for you to understand that she’s Dedicated To You. Masquerade from Toronto’s Shaemara goes from twilight wonder to seductive dance floor grindfest. Closer Something In The Way You Are by Kimbra is an especially fun dance tune with a surprise ending.

hmlt-mi casa es su casa


We had another quick chat with HMLT about Mi Casa Es Su Casa and his upcoming projects.

What was the influence behind the EP?

Just a few songs that I housed up. I found Tulliae and Shaemara online and they were more than happy to send me some stems. One of my friends put me onto Kimbra – I was blown away and had to do something. The concept behind the EP name is simple. These songs were not originally house – nor are they my songs. They are house remixes I made for you. Thus, my house is your house.

Will the follow up continue with house tracks?

I have another housed-up remix EP called Black Casa coming out after this one.

Last time we spoke you mentioned working on an all originals EP. Will the house beats continue from here, or will there be a bit of variety?

Despite these remix EPs, my focus has gone from remixing to creating more originals. I’m still working on my original EP but it’s really starting to take shape. As for the type of style, I’m always about variety. I don’t like to pigeonhole myself into one genre – it all just depends on my mood. You can catch some of this new EP when I perform live.

We heard you are planning to put on a show in Toronto as well? Tell us about it!

Yes! It will be called “Balance”. The first one I’m planning will be for August 9th. My goal is to create an environment where artists/producers feel comfortable performing their originals live for a crowd that is there for the music. That is why I am holding it on a Sunday instead of a Saturday; I do not want my performers to compete against a crowd that just wants to get crunk. This is an event for the music and the listeners.

Look out for HMLT’s upcoming second remix EP and the originals project in the future, as well as further details for August 9th. You’ll definitely be hearing about these from us and surely others.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa EP Tracklisting:

1. Tulliae x HMLT – Dedicated to You
2. Shaemara – Masquerade (HMLT Remix)
3. Kimbra – Something in the Way You Are (HMLT Edit)

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