Luunes Releases Stunning Debut Glass

Luunes Releases Stunning Debut “Glass”

Glass is the debut single by Newcastle duo Luunes which is Anna Milat and Sam Litchfield (and one half of Haliia). This is the kind of debut you want to unleash on the world.

The sparse instrumentation with Milat’s haunting looped vocals is mesmerizing, while she continues singing in delicate notes, “I wish you were made of glass/ So I could see through you.” The facades or the impenetrable walls that some present make this immediately relatable for all listeners. The crystalline soundscape with the melancholic piano feels as if everything will shatter and Milat’s vocals will break from the emotions that lie within the honest lyrics, while her breathy voice hangs in the air but with the weight of a loose freight train with its overwhelming ability to cut through you. And we’re just skin and bones.

For the track, the duo explained:

The track came about accidentally but naturally at Sam’s home studio, inspired by the idea of using vocals as a driving rhythmic instrument. By the end of the night, Glass had developed an unusual and intriguing sound, essentially portraying the effects of a person completely altering and obscuring anothers perception.