Premiere: ROAM Explores City Hedonism With “All Night”

Already backed by the likes of Noisey, Complex, and other prominent Toronto-based platforms, Roam brings his UK garage-inflected music to these weary pages. His new single, All Night, is an ode to late nights that slip into early mornings.

Gone are the shackles of that idiot job thing you do with its relentless emails, meetings, and KPI’s, and now in front of you lies city nightlife with what feels like inextinguishable pleasure. Roam explores these hedonistic urges with an ominous murmur and spliced vocals that are propelled with deep bass and blinking naivety from the great maw of your mediocre, meaningless existence.

All Night is the first in a series of songs belonging to a playlist called “CLUB 27”, the name being inspired by the infamous 27 Club, all of whom struggled with their own hedonistic tendencies and personal demons. More from this collection is expected throughout the year.