DOV Shares Brooding New Be Your Lover

DOV Shares Brooding New “Be Your Lover”

After serving in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), the multi-talented Dov Eagle left Tel Aviv for NYC and now makes music as DOV. Be Your Lover is the second single and title track from his forthcoming EP.

With a cascade of gleaming yet dark textures that ripple, stretch, and crunch from shore to shore alongside the brooding moan of detuned synths, DOV longs for a transatlantic love.

Speaking on the track’s inspiration, DOV says:

“‘Be Your Lover’ is about unfulfilled love. I wrote the song about an experience I had meeting someone when I visited a different country, with whom I totally fell in love. The whole time, though, I felt like the distance, an ocean apart, would keep this love from becoming a realty (“I will never hold another, cast out to the open sea”). It’s about that strong feeling of losing something you never actually had, that potential to meet someone, fall in love, then ask yourself if you should leave everything behind and take that leap to be with them.”