GEO Finds The Silver Lining On The Dope Good in the Bad

GEO Finds The Silver Lining On The Dope “Good in the Bad”

After a long hiatus, LA-based producer and DIY enthusiast GEO recently announced a new EP titled, “Sincerely.” Through five tracks it explores depression, anxiety, complacency, love, optimism, and everything else bouncing around causing a mess in his brain.

Good in the Bad is the second single featuring a blend of lo-fi hip hop, jazz, and R&B with glitchy vocal samples and live instruments. A warm crackle with gentle keys is joined by an array of textures that blossom with the inextinguishable light of your smile – a light that envelops with all that’s good.

Speaking on the inspiration, GEO says

“This song deals with acknowledging a hard time in your life and making the shift to get better. Often times I have found myself in a psychological slump where I have created a world in which I am indulgent in my own suffering and misery. “Good In The Bad” is not about this feeling, it’s about actualizing an improved life for myself despite this self-deprecating world I have created. Wanting to find the silver lining in a given situation is a victory in itself and so is being grateful for the opportunity to grow. “Good In The Bad” starts with a grim and intrusive violin sample until it is supported by piano, hopeful vocal samples, and confident percussion. Although some circumstances may feel insurmountable, there is always an opportunity to see the silver lining.”

GEO’s forthcoming “Sincerely.” EP is due out hopefully sooner than later.