Alex Napping Releases Frantic New Single You've Got Me

Alex Napping Releases Frantic New Single “You’ve Got Me”

From Alex Napping’s forthcoming sophomore album, Mise En Place, the Brooklyn/Austin outfit have released the second single titled You’ve Got Me.

Inspired by unbearable levels of sexual tension that permeates the air, whether during the beginning of a relationship or after some time apart, You’ve Got Me is frantic. Guitars swell with an urgency while Alex Cohen’s sweet vocals fill the reverb enveloped space with a sweetness. Like the end of the night when all that tension has built, You’ve Got Me explodes with an unexpected fervor as drums crash with the desperate lust that consumes you and the guitars propel this gritty single to a new plane.

Look out for Alex Napping’s Mise En Place on May 5.

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