Elina Releases Powerful Debut EP In Hindsight

Elina Releases Powerful Debut EP “In Hindsight”

Following several previously featured singles, last week saw the release of Elina’s debut EP titled, In Hindsight.

“Masquerade” opens with Elina’s searing vocals as she reminds us to be kind to ourselves and others and embrace all that makes us human as we all navigate through this cruel life. She continues to explore insecurity and anxiety on her debut single “Wild Enough” followed by “Here With Me” with its plod of keys and a heartwarming swell. “Champion” soars from the belly of fear into the heartbreaking “Mirage” and closes with “I don’t mind if you don’t mind” – a rough recording featuring just Elina and her piano.

Elina’s In Hindsight is a simple and stripped back poignant project that explores the beautiful human experience with a vulnerability that tears through flesh and bone.

With the release comes a detailed note from Elina about the process and more:

At the beginning of making this EP, I was in a bit of an emotional limbo. I was very confused. All my life I had found comfort in knowing that creativity came fluently for me, with ease. Now I was at a point where it didn’t. I went through a lot of change in my personal life, and somewhere along the way I sort of lost the main reason I started writing music in the first place, as an outlet, the oasis it was for me. Instead it had become associated with anxiety, and writing was a complete struggle.

The person I was identifying myself as suddenly had very narrow balks to balance on. It came to a point where I had to regain some focus and some of this lost trust in myself, so this EP started coming to life. The scenarios in the songs were very present in my own life at the time. Through them I could build a creative place without pressure and guidelines.

Dealing with destructive thoughts and feelings came with a lot of loneliness. We create our ideas of what life and happiness is supposed to look like by scrolling our fingers until bloody watching feeds where all traces of reality are removed. It’s misleading. Life shamelessly serves you a broken heart, loneliness, pain, loss and tragedy. We definitely need each other’s support to get through it and by keeping ourselves and others believe that we’re relieved of vulnerability, we are heading in an even lonelier direction I think. We’re all fighting battles at the end of the day. That is what I want to shed some light on with this EP. To hopefully, with these songs, make it a bit easier to talk about the things that burden you, knowing it’s neither weak nor shameful.