Pause And Take In All Of O FUTURE's Magnetic Smell You

Pause And Take In All Of O FUTURE’s Magnetic “Smell You”

Last month, O FUTURE released the captivating “Stay” and now return with Smell You. It’s inspired by those intimate moments imbued with an unsaid animalistic attraction. Before their scent is engraved in the synapse and before the memory of their image begins to fade. With it, their mysterious smile and the voluptuous embers that radiated no matter how hard you try to grip and seize it. But it’s the memory of their scent that may yet live and strike at random with a subsequent deluge of memories, feelings, and their tenderness as you’re plunged into the bottomless gulf, endless and devouring.

Smell You rumbles with a deep magnetic thud and disco-esque percussion with a silver weeping string. “I just want to smell you,” they lament. Keep that desire in your pocket and let it rest with future regret.

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