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Telescope Thieves – tormentas pequeñas

Future R&B isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Miami, but Telescope Thieves is gonna change all that with tormentas pequeñas.

Ever since Own Mehe’s released a few remixes including one for The Code which have all been good, just not as moving as Own Me. Until now. tormentas pequeñas (“small storm” in English) is a three track EP comprising of different sounds. The upbeat opener Roses gets things moving with dancing keys. Sing Sing with vocals from Jarell Perry, reels things back venturing into darker territory, sending chills down your back. Closer and favorite Haven opens with a seductive sax and then the mind blowing bass kicks in. I can’t move my damn legs when I listen to this, as my head tilts off to the side and I start drooling. Just numbed. Things don’t end there as Telescope Thieves switches things up again, sending Haven into a lowkey vibey outro. Add tormentas pequeñas to your fall playlist.

Sing Sing also got the visual treatment featuring Telescope Thieves himself in a derelict graffiti laden alley or something, with a zonked out girl setting flames to everything. Rad. Watch it below.

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