Zapéd's Heart & Brain Battle In Still Need U

Zapéd’s Heart & Brain Battle In “Still Need U”

After some years of managing boutique electronica festival ARCADIA, studying, and fulfilling residencies in Berlin, Jordan De Pasquale of Zapéd returns with his first new single, Still Need U.

Eerie yet lush with thick pads and an ominous R&B-inflected rhythm, its inspiration is drawn from the end of a long-term relationship and a case of pneumonia. Weary and held hostage, it’s a battle between the tyrants of the heart and the synapse. Of the single, he says:

“The song is fairly emotive yet it has an overall ‘sinister’ feel which is meant to make the listener feel a little on edge/uneasy. The verses are designed to sound creepy so when the chorus hits there’s almost like a release, allowing the listener to enjoy some very candid lyrics.”

Still Need U is the fourth track released on Exist. Exclusives Vol 1 via The Kite String Tangle’s label, Exist. Recordings.