Blank Space Release Debut Single Promiscuous Mortality

Blank Space Release Debut Single “Promiscuous Mortality”

Cheating lovers and the loss of trust – what could be better? For Corona, California quartet Blank Space, it was enough to create their debut single titled Promiscuous Mortality.

After jamming together for four months, this new band details the struggles that follow in the tumultuous aftermath of a partner that strays and breaks that special bond. With no regard for another human being, selfish, soulless, and drunk with the power of deceiving bleached limbs, one side becomes mutilated by bitter leeches while hungry cunts and crooked pricks seek refuge in the black of a putrid swamp that swallows others in a slow crawl with gaping ulcers.

With that said, this is actually a light, pop-inflected indie rock song with vocals that float amongst spacious and dreamy guitars. So for one reason or the other, you should listen to Blank Space.