Izzi Dunn Releases Video For First LP Single Belong

Izzi Dunn Releases Video For First LP Single “Belong”

After six years, singer, cellist, and producer Izzi Dunn returns with her new album, Recycle Love. One single from it is Belong, which is joined by a compelling video directed by James Mooney.

Reaching out into the dark
Symbiotic beating hearts
Hand in hand to the unknown
Comfort in a million stars or shine your light alone?

The struggle to find ourselves, our truths, our codes, our frames of spirit, and our love within, is no easy task. For some, it can take a lifetime. On Belong, Dunn explores this journey through multi-layered strings and the wistful drudge of melancholic ambiance. With no climaxes or real change in tune, Belong embodies feelings of eternal longing. A perpetual hunt for meaning within ourselves, never unable to untangle from the universe’s warble of mystery, we float from one stage to the next with insecurity and doubt and the blinding of mirrors.

Watch dancers in the zone on the streets as passerby pay them no attention and tune into Izzi Dunn tomorrow for the release of Recycle Love.