Neck Talks Hip Hop And Budapest

How Neck isn’t bigger is beyond us. After last years “Can’t Get EP”, Neck recently dropped his second EP, Long Gone. Here he expands on his future beats with jazz, hip hop and R&B samples, and whether it’s Banks, James Blake or 90’s players like Biggie – everything plays out smooth. Between these two EPs, there’s an obscene amount of heat and head nodding to be had and this Hungarian producer deserves all your attention. Check out our quick interview, bump this, follow the man and send it to all your friends. Both EP’s can be found below. The vibe from Budapest is real.

Who is //Neck//?

I’m a Budapest based producer, producing under many aliases. Neck is sort of my hip hop alter ego. I’ve been making beats for over 10 years including for various artists, but never focused on making a solo project.

You’re clearly very talented. What does your musical background cover and what got you into producing?

I got into producing very early. Started playing the trumpet around 10 so that also made me interested in recording and learning more about production software.

There’s a heavy old school hip hop vibe to your work. What are your biggest influences, hip hop or otherwise?

Hip hop in general had a big boom around the late 90’s to early 2000’s in my country. I was really inspired by the beats, not so much by the lyrics which I didn’t understand till I learned English 🙂 but i wanted to be a part of it. I grew up listening to a lot of jazz/soul records that my father would listen to, so I started flipping those samples.

So what’s the music scene currently like in 2015 Budapest? 

The music scene is good, but it’s mostly techno, house, dubstep and mainstream club music. We have a huge hip hop scene but it’s like it stopped evolving after the 90’s. Hungarian rap acts don’t really inspire me but there are some talented producers and live funk-hiphop-jazz groups which are cool. All the new wave is really underground here. Literally a couple hundred people go to the parties I play at.

With so many sounds happening in each track, what’s your process like?

I’m very drum oriented. I start with the rhythm and go from there with whatever mood I’m in. After I have a beat going with a melody/sample, I start to focus on details, adding different layers or record myself playing the trumpet on it. Putting the rap samples in tracks is something I do to substitute for proper rap verses.

What can we expect from Neck in the future?

3rd Ep is definitely coming and I already have some heavy tracks and collabs with awesome singers/rappers. Can’t say more 🙂

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