Cecilia Ebba Embraces The Deep Blue With Breathe Out Breathe In

Cecilia Ebba Embraces The Deep Blue With “Breathe Out Breathe In”

Following her stunning debut, Sweet Summer Wine, London-based Cecilia Ebba returns with another beautiful single, Breathe Out Breathe In.

“Lay me down in water cold as ice/ Let it cool the fire in my mind,” opens an arresting Ebba with tense a finger picked guitar and a murmur that lies beneath her. Ebba takes on a darker tone here as she depicts a reoccurring dream where she seeks shelter under water whenever life has gotten too chaotic. In this refuge, she can catch her breath alongside cold flushes of azure and a gentle tide of atmospheric notes awash with the lonesome stream of the deep blue, endless, weightless, and devouring. Here, the floods swell and embrace your skin with an eternal wave of harmonious solace. So fill your lungs with the beauty that is Cecilia Ebba.

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