Naomi Greene Releases Mesmerizing No Skin

Naomi Greene Releases Mesmerizing “No Skin”

No Skin is the new single by Parisian-born, LA based artist Naomi Greene. Led with a mesmerizing harp, Greene’s vocals quiver with a mystical touch as she pleads with her partner and more importantly herself, to be vulnerable. The layered arrangements lull you in a trance that guide you on a path, maybe even into a rabbit hole, to your journey of self discovery. When Greene erupts into a frenzy repeating “no skin,” it is the eureka moment that the only way to be connect with others is to first be open and honest with yourself. This is the true path to love.

For her premiere on The 405, Naomi Greene explained No Skin in more detail:

“I wrote “No Skin” at a time when I was reflecting on myself as an artist, thinking about the essential qualities necessary to authentic art making. I was travelling a lot and through the hustle and bustle, I was making a conscious attempt to define what my essence was in these different places. Some of the questions I was asking were- what does it mean to be open? What does it mean to shed your shell? Can we be weightless? How do we stay true to our authentic selves?” she says.

“The song came to me as an epiphany about the power of vulnerability, but also as an hommage to the seekers in ourselves. We too often search outward for answers that can only be found within, sometimes in the questions themselves. We keep looking out, when we better be looking in. We are our own teachers and nurturers, although we often forget. No Skin speaks of doubt, being unsure of yourself but nevertheless placing trust in the path. The only way to make good art is by being open. The only way to make good love is by being open! That’s also how you get hurt, but isn’t life worth being lived?”