Chris Godfrey Shares The Wistful All This Love

Chris Godfrey Shares The Wistful “All This Love”

Since I last spoke with Chris Godfrey – (twice!) Once for his album ‘Generation Pains’ and then for the ‘I’m Through’ video – he’s been working on new music and working tirelessly with a wide array of fellow Toronto-based artists. The first of those singles was Seasons and he’s now shared All This Love.

Originally written pre-quarantine life, All This Love is a wistful reflection on love that’s all the more fitting for these weary day. Speaking on the single, Godfrey says:

“I wrote “All This Love” back in the fall. It’s a song about the kind of love that hasn’t yet attached itself to a name. About the pursuit of giving and receiving it, and how strangely difficult it can be to wade through our own insecurities when trying to trade such a precious emotion. What’s really strange is how I find these lyrics making sense now more than ever, half a year after their inception. With everyone stuck at home, I think we’re all trying to navigate a surplus of these emotions that we’re used to sharing with others. It’s beautiful seeing people find new and creative outlets for that energy, figuring out what to do with all their love. Hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy.”