Sonny Elliot Shares The Warm Stripped Back New Moon

Sonny Elliot Shares The Warm Stripped Back “New Moon”

Ahead of their debut album due later this year, UK duo Sonny Elliot has shared the stripped back New Moon.

Written within a day, New Moon serves as a love letter with a sense of togetherness and being there for each other through thick and thin. Although simple in delivery, it’s cozy with a warm ambient swell that spills out like the comfort of shared vulnerability.

On the single, Sonny Elliot says:

“It’s a story and a memory of a relationship. When we’re anxious, scared and feeling vulnerable, it’s not easy to let someone see that side of you, letting them see behind the veil. Yet somehow by doing this it makes us stronger, having someone else’s light to guide us with their best intentions, a team, a partnership, love.”

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