Moira Mack Reflects On Anxiety With Debut I Worry I Worry

Moira Mack Reflects On Anxiety With Debut “I Worry I Worry”

You’d think after 22 years you’d get used to the spin. For newcomer Moira Mack, not so much. I Worry I Worry is the Los Angeles-based artists debut single which fuses her jazz and neo soul influences with her self-deprecation and biting honesty as she delves into the memories that haunt her. Mack’s smoky conversational tone is enchanting as she lures you from a ballad that becomes an expansive soundscape filled with spurts of brass and cool feathered rivulets of mistakes, regrets, and suffocating anxiety. They are terrible and maddening. The swollen muscles of your words are left behind with the discord of clawing anguish.

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