Moonweather Shares Quirky Animated Video For Burn Me

Moonweather Shares Quirky Animated Video For “Burn Me”

Moonweather is the brainchild of two close friends living on the opposite sides of America who took a summer off to build a studio and record an album as a collaborative project with a bunch of local Cincinnati musicians. This endeavor would lead to their new album sit down be small, which is due next month. Their latest single and accompanying video is Burn Me.

Zip me up and seal me in
With the bugs and the dirt
Bury me in Earth
I’ll return to my birth

In this quirky animated video, a part rabbit part human puppet sings while other puppet hands play instruments. Gentle instrumentation shifts into erratic and somber interludes with transposed images of candles and instruments on fire, splotches of paint and vibrant colours, neon strings squirming out of burnt holes, and bits and pieces of arts and crafts like buttons and glitter running amock. Blistered and maimed. Lost and disillusioned. Wrap me up and feed me to the worms.

Watch the charming video below and look for sit down be small on April 7, and you can hear the first two singles over on bandcamp.

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