CNTR Remixes GIMI's Haunting Debut "In Case We Die"

CNTR Remixes GIMI’s Haunting Debut “In Case We Die”

GIMI is a new London based artist with Danish and Albanian roots with a mission to avoid any preconceived notions on their gender, allowing the listener a unique experience. Their debut single is In Case We Die; a haunting tale about the phases of losing a lover.

Joining the single is two remixes, one featuring London’s CNTR (Centaur) and his brooding rendition. The vocal refrain is repeated throughout and over an irregular bass line with tense synths that haven’t seen the sun. CNTR takes In Case We Die to a much darker and cold place and exposes all your vulnerabilities and demons.

Listen to the GIMI’s original and the other remix by Nector for a completely different vibe, here.

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