Morly Releases Second EP, "Something More Holy"

Morly Releases Second EP, “Something More Holy”

Since discovering Morly and The Choir, we’ve been entranced by her minimal sound and soulful voice. Her second EP has finally arrived in the form of Something More Holy. Where In Defense Of My Muse was focused more on the ambient cavernous sounds with little of her vocals, this time around, Morly’s rich and delicate vocals are on full display as she sings along to the textured instrumentals with the intense emotions echoing in the sonic space. Produced by Stint, Morly explained to Noisey, “Something More Holy began as a collection of poems and disembodied melodies. It was mostly a process of unfolding the sounds from the words—and learning to trust and communicate with another artist.”

Although only four songs long, it’s easy to play Something More Holy on repeat, allowing yourself to get lost in the beauty that is Morly. And one reason why it may find itself on our favourite albums of the year list.