Hykuu & Olivia Reid Release The Tsunami Up And Down

Hykuu & Olivia Reid Release The Tsunami “Up And Down”

With the release of his new EP, III, Madrid’s newest electronic sensation, Hykuu, teamed up with New York based Olivia Reid for the thundering Up And Down.

Soaring brilliant waves of synths clamour to release with a piercing inflection and the urgency of a rushing tsunami that’s sweeping from coast to coast. In the swirl of sonic waves is Reid’s tender vocals about the grip that one holds over her and her inability to release herself, echoing the grip this tsunami will have on you and those that will feel the hungry blast of it from land. Worry not for this storm like all storms shall pass, but until it does, you won’t be able to take your eyes or ears off the electric tide.

To hear more, spin Hykuu’s III.

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