Model 86 Teases EP With Intricate Missing

Model 86 Teases EP With Intricate “Missing”

Ahead of tomorrow’s The Pressure I Feel To Make Lots Of Money And Share My Life With Everyone EP release, MODEL 86 has shared the new single, Missing.

Delicate emotive chords kick off Missing, followed by pitched vocals and the refrain, “Still missing you/ I want to feel your kiss.” A head nod of dope percussion and soaring flutes embark with a flourish of textures reminiscent of Mura Masa and Flume. This bold mix of vocals, beautiful refrains, and rhythms weave in and out of the intricate production of a lust that resides months later, eclipsing any other thoughts.

Look for MODEL 86’s new EP tomorrow, which will no doubt be a level of fresh that you need.