Mal the Oddity Links Up With Jesus Mason & Jahmir For Dawn

Mal the Oddity Links Up With Jesus Mason & Jahmir For “Dawn”

From Brooklyn, producer/rapper Mal the Oddity dropped his fourth single, Dawn, off his forthcoming project titled Pyramid Dreams. Released through local clothing brand, Leftovers, Mal is joined by Jesus Mason and Jahmir who thrive to push the boundaries of hip-hop.

Inspired by Led Zeppelin and Travis Scott, Dawn features a low-key psychedelic ambiance with a wicked distorted guitar that gives the track a real gritty vibe to it. “Does the fact that I’m black and I’m proud make you scared?/ Does the crowd even care what I write, what I speak, what I wear?/ Does my pride make you weak?/ Seems you tryna defeat, the fire in me, defiant are we,” raps Mal, driving forward with the idea that no one can stop him or the path that he’s forging for himself. And neither should you, regardless of the circumstances.

After you’re done hitting repeat on this one, hit Mal the Oddity’s soundcloud to hear the first three singles and look out for Pyramid Dreams.