Soul Purpose Bring Good Vibrations With “Up From Here”

Soul Purpose Bring Good Vibrations With “Up From Here”

AyiTe and O.J.Hodding are the London-based duo behind Soul Purpose, who just released their second EP, Casual, and from it is the heavy viber Up From Here.

Wanna be all I can be, Wanna see all I can see
Gotta keep moving, stay fluid as I get into it
Gotta pursue it so lemme do it one time for your mind now

Combing their raw production with nods to old school hip hop but with their own fresh take and their poetic lyricism, the duo takes you on a sophisticated ride. On this laid back and smooth cut, they wax about the that drive and persistence to push forward with their careers and lives and remaining hungry for higher places even at the cost of other things. In the end though, it’ll all be worth it because at this point and time, you can only go up.

Up From Here and all of Casual below. Soul Purpose will not disappoint you.