Winnie Churchill Shares Winnie's Room Video

Winnie Churchill Shares “Winnie’s Room” Video

Toronto-born, St. Johns-based multidisciplinary Winnie Churchill follows up his debut album ‘I’ with ‘Us’ where he deftly expresses his vulnerability and reflects on his identity. Between the seven tracks is Winnie’s Room which is joined by a Raza Gilani directed video. Speaking on the single and video, Winnie offered:

“‘Winnie’s Room’ is a visual representation of the types of scenarios that pop into the artist’s mind. They are made up of moments he’s been a part of in which he has felt a complete sense of euphoria. It’s the story of a young man who travels through the present day confused and dissatisfied, wishing he was experiencing any other moment in time. A young man who would rather create his own world of microcosms contained in rooms whose doors he can only open, and whose inhabitants he can only choose, doing only what it is that he wants.”

Watch it right here and listen to ‘Us’ from Winnie Churchill through Spotify.