Most of us are on that perpetual grind, hustling on the side because fuck your bullshit nine to five and its bullshit commute. Fuck your dank apartment with the dickbag upstairs that moves furniture around at 3am during the week. Fuck your inability to quit smoking and drinking all the booze. And fuck your inability to accept and give love. Adhoc feel you. They got you.

The Toronto/Manchester trio follow up their dope Paradise Loft with the self described “motivational folk-rap anthem for space cowboys” titled My Own. This is your new personal mantra to help you reach spiritual enlightenment and achieve all those W’s that you know you deserve because you are a mother fucker. If you’re afraid of something – eat it. Why? Because you are a mother fucker. Eat cosmos, mother fucker.

The song isn’t actually that aggressive, but fuck it. I’m just eating cosmos.