TorontoManchester Group adhoc Praise Satan In Paradise Loft

Toronto/Manchester Group adhoc Praise Satan In “Paradise Loft”

Recorded in a Montreal studio before being evicted due to a fire, Paradise Loft by Toronto/Manchester group adhoc was made in a quick 48 hours.  At first, it just sounds like a nice song with some airy vocals, but that all changes when bars are dropped.

“Take that herb to my face is what he said to me/ angels told me don’t do that/ no no no no/ you won’t go very far/ I said ‘you don’t know me’ and hopped in that car,” they spit, giving praise to the devil; the same devil they love and possibly burns down studios. “‘Paradise Loft’ is a celebration of monotheistic guilt,” explained Oren of adhoc. “Whether sexual or substance-related, adhoc collectively gets into their fair share of collective shit. Let’s stop running from our demons for a moment, take a seat at the table of shadows, and smoke a joint with the devil. Although as it turns outs, the devil is more of a pipe guy actually.”

Gather some friends, some herbs, some speakers, and hit the park with adhoc’s good vibes.

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