Tribe 204 Drop World Is Ending (Ft. Zuma, Amory Reel, Dane Amar)

Tribe 20:4 Drop “World Is Ending” (Ft. Zuma, Amory Reel, Dane Amar)

Producer/dj Zuma, artist/songwriter Amory Reel, and rapper/singer Dane Amar are the diverse trio of creatives from across the globe that form Tribe 20:4. Their latest, World Is Ending, is inspired by the events that transpire around us and the relentless horror that scrolls through our streams. LA-based Reel shared the origins of the song:

“The idea for this song came about when I was on the keyboard alone in my house. Over many weeks, I felt this gradual build-up of so many emotions concerning the chaotic place the world is in, and it all just spilled out in this song. I often feel like there’s a chance I might be around to witness the end of the world as we know it, and to be honest, I don’t know how I feel about that.”

The trio fuses their apprehension regarding the state of the world and communal anxiety with a pitter-patter of lush lo-fi. Between Reel’s yearning distorted vocals is Amar’s slick emotive verse about the inner turmoil of growing up in his San Diego neighbourhood. When this terror ends, I hope it’s as peaceful as this.