A Kind of Man Shares Surreal Debut Teddy Love

A Kind of Man Shares Surreal Debut “Teddy Love”

Teddy Love is the debut single from Bjørn Rosenquist, otherwise known as A Kind of Man due to his rejection of old fashioned gender roles. It’s a captivating debut that deftly fuses feelings of ecstasy and melancholy with Rosenquist’s emphatic vocals filled with a lust for life and love.

“I finished this song, ‘Teddy Love’, after falling in love with a girl who is also “the girl” in the video,” explains Rosenquist. “Now that same girl is together with the guy who co-produced the song. Phew. But that’s another story. ‘Teddy Love’ is about being in love and horny. And saying goodnight with a pillow fight even when you’ve grown old together.”

With the stellar debut is a charming Meeto directed video that begins like any morning and shifts into a dreamy realm that spans euphoria and depression.

A Kind of Man’s debut EP is due sometime this year.