OK Button Won't Let You Get Them Down With The Message

OK Button Won’t Let You Get Them Down With “The Message”

Amber Wilson, Nass Donald, and Adam Falkner are the Scottish three-piece behind the new project OK Button who’ve just released their debut single, The Message.

Inspired by feeling let down, torn, and disappointed in those that you trust, The Message is soft and ethereal as it wafts with an array of percussion. On first listen, the hook comes as a surprise as Wilson proclaims “You motherfuckers won’t bring me down” and the song unfolds and blossoms, fragrant and radiantly alive. “I was really struggling with the chorus,” says Wilson. “I wanted to convey the elation of not giving a shit anymore and realising your self-worth, but nothing was doing it for me. I channelled my inner Tupac and we all ended up loving it.”

With the single is a Tim Courtney directed video featuring a red hooded Wilson covering her tracks. Watch it right here.

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