GINEVRA Shares Fragile & Eviscerating Debut Single Forest

GINEVRA Shares Fragile & Eviscerating Debut Single “Forest”

Growing up close to the mountains and woods of Turin, Italy, it was here that GINEVRA built her intimate identity which can be found on her debut single, Forest.

Produced by Francesco Fugazza, GINEVRA laments about the loss of love and finding it again in order to keep it alive. It’s a slow burn of fragile atmospheric notes that ripple and murmur beneath breathy inviting vocals as if she were reading her diary to us. This intoxicating space then spills into a sparse yet eviscerating outro with a ruminative guitar and a weary GINEVRA singing, “I don’t believe in love, anymore, anymore, anymore.”

Forest can be found on GINEVRA’s debut EP, “Ruins”, due hopefully sooner than later.

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