APHRA Releases Deput EP Featuring Beautiful Honey

APHRA Releases Deput EP Featuring Beautiful “Honey”

Philadelphia’s Rebecca Waychunas began writing songs in high school as a way to make sense of the instability around her. Her openness about the traumatizing effect that drug and alcohol addiction has had on familial and personal relationships serves as the foundation for her new EP, Sadness Is A Gesture. “All of these songs were actually written with a particular person or relationship in mind in which addiction played a huge part,” Waychunas explains. “I don’t personally struggle with any substance issues, but I have realized that I am quite drawn to people who suffer from them. I’ve learned who I am, and who I am in relation to the people closest to me, most intimately through the process of recording this project.”

Honey is the lead single from the beguiling project that features Waychunas’ soulful vocals over a sparkle of synths that echo in and out of this despondent dream-like realm. This is no boy meets girl, boy breaks girl’s heart story. This is frightening melancholia with the tender wisp of memories and the once scorched embers that have been extinguished by the deafening apathetic night.

Listen to APHRA’s Honey below followed by the beautiful Sadness Is A Gesture.

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