Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird Drop Love Is Heartbreak

Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird Drop “Love Is Heartbreak”

Inspired by the film American Beauty which focuses on finding beauty in the mundane, the unequivocally Melbourne band Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird is anything but mundane. Their most recent poignantly titled single, Love Is Heartbreak, is a vessel of kaleidoscopic pop. Thick synths bubble and swell with a disco symphony of sonic patterns that leads into a stellar sax solo and the realization that it’s over.

Of the single, singer-songwriter Lachy Rose says:

“‘Love is Heartbreak’ is the first thing I wrote after the collapse of a very long relationship. While the title is a fairly intense assessment of love – I wanted to articulate that heartbreak isn’t really this new feeling, it’s still your love and adoration for this person – just without someone receiving it on the other end. Suddenly it’s unrequited. That sensation is devastating, but it became an important mantra for me that it was really all just love. To me, that’s really the overarching theme of the entire new album”. 

Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird is vocalist Lachy Rose, Francesca Gonzales (vocals/keys), multi-instrumentalist Pete Simonsen, drummer Nick Reid, and bassist Matt Hayes. Their new album will be released later this year.