Edmonton's MILK Releases First Dream Pop Single Skin

Edmonton’s MILK Release Dream Pop Debut “Skin”

From Edmonton, Alberta, MILK is the indie pop band with their first release titled Skin.

In the distance of the ambient intro, gentle strings float through as the vocals begin with hushed notes, singing, “skin to skin/ breathe you in/ lips to neck/ breathe you in.” Images of those special moments spent close to a lover are cast beneath a flourish of dream pop that builds into a quick rise of emotive energy and dissolves even quicker. This is the moment a great void opens and you plunge into the deep dark space. Here lies no pain, sorrow, or regret, nor light for you to climb towards or the sound of a human hand for you to grip; just her face that poisons familiar places as you count down the days that have passed since and how many you will continue to suffer through until she may return.