Ginger Taylor Releases Dreamy New Some Fates

Ginger Taylor Releases Dreamy New “Some Fates”

Currently based in Brooklyn, Ginger Taylor wrote her latest single Some Fates while living in Toronto’s Dufferin Grove and attending the University of Toronto. Inspired by the concept of a soulmate, destiny, and the excitement of new relationships, Some Fates swirls like the dream state of new love and fanciful images with a tincture of 90’s nostalgia.

“I think the distinction between love and infatuation is an important one – one I tend to overlook when I feel strongly about someone,” said Taylor. “In this spirit, the song confesses that, sometimes, it’s just more fun to surrender to the giddy feelings.” Listen below.

Taylor’s debut EP “Yuppie” both satirized and empathized with the infamous trope of the ‘uptown girl’. Several novels inspired the project, primarily Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ which is frequently quoted in the final track. Listen to “Yuppie” by Ginger Taylor here.