Logan and Nathan Share Video For Dreamy Nostalgia

Logan and Nathan Share Video For Dreamy “Nostalgia”

Last year saw the release of ‘The Happening’ from Vancouver-based duo Logan and Nathan – an album that was developed over the course of 18 months. First, while the two were working in different parts of Canada for nine months and then completed when they reunited in Vancouver. Throughout the 10 tracks, the duo explores space and distance and the resilience of deep connections.

Now nearly a year later, they’ve shared a video for the soothing album single Nostalgia. Between shots of real-life couple Logan and Nathan are surreal scenes of two dancers with a touch of magic. Speaking on the visuals, the duo says:

“This music video speaks to Nostalgia; the moments in time that we live and cherish, that are precious, but almost painful to revisit. Our desire is to capture and relate how beauty needs impermanence to exist. How memory and the ability to look back and tap into childhood wonder, is only possible if we are paying attention to the magic around us right now.”

Watch Nostalgia below and spin ‘The Happening’ here.