H. Kenneth Teases Debut Album With Colourful Thank You

H. Kenneth Teases Debut Album With Colourful “Thank You”

After having cut his teeth writing songs for major label artists with top 40 singles and placements in movies and TV, H. Kenneth is set to unleash his first solo project, “This Is A Journal”. Due for release this Friday, the versatile artist touches on themes self-forgiveness and redemption while reading like a journal entry.

Thank You is the second single from this journal and is a unique cut with sincere vocals and bright fragments of off-kilter pop that’ll stand out on any playlist. There’s even a little killer distorted guitar riff at the end, displaying the kind of eclectic sounds we can hear on the full length.

In the premiere with PopMatters, H. Kenneth explained the song in detail:

“It’s so hard to find a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, especially these days with apps, DMs, and social media. So when you find someone who truly cares for you and never asks for anything in return, it’s such an amazing feeling. ‘Thank You’ is a song about the expression of gratitude for that person you can truly lean on for anything and everything. It’s about understanding that no one is obligated to be with anyone, and knowing that the person you’re with truly wants to be there. It can be such a rewarding feeling. Saying you love someone is one thing. Telling them that you’re thankful that they love you is another.”

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