Heavy Heart Ends Year With Beautiful Dream-Pop Keepsake

Heavy Heart Ends Year With Beautiful Dream-Pop “Keepsake”

As part of their one song a month every month project for 2016, Keepsake is Heavy Heart’s December installment and the final one that ends on a melancholy note.

Just as the London-based band has sent off the year with a final song, so does the alluring singer as she sends off a love to the strum of guitars in reverie with a gentle wash of reverb. “And I remember how we gave our lives for this/ And I remember how we lived our lives for it/ But oh what a love this has been darling,” she sings in an intimate reflection without hatred, spite, bitterness, sorrow, or blood. Just the majestic sound of an ecstasy so grand that you cherish and embrace the experience for the rest of your life.

Listen to Heavy Heart’s beautiful Keepsake right now and visit their soundcloud to hear the previous 11 tracks.