Interview: Shan Vincent de Paul Drops Debut LP, "Saviors"

Shan Vincent de Paul Drops Debut LP, “Saviors”

Toronto is getting pretty accustomed to all the amazing artists coming out of here and making a name for themselves outside of Canada. One of the latest and hottest that we’ve been watching is Sri Lankan born Shan Vincent de Paul.

Last month saw the release of Paul’s debut album, Saviors. The passion and ferocity from Thank God and Fight For Us are present throughout the project as Paul shares his journey of perseverance and finding enlightenment in this strange and cruel world. Along the way, his family and friends like the sideways gang are there to help him and each other. With progressive production work from La+ch and Coleman Hell, and complex and emotional lyricism from Paul, Paul feels like an icon in the making.

Available to stream on every major platform along with a free download on his official site.